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Episode 2: Parenting Year One(ish) (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains content about miscarriage and pregnancy complications.

Episode Details

Season 1, Episode 2

Original Air Date: November 28, 2022

“My heart is at home with my family, and I know my family needs me at work more than they need me at home because my family needs the income that I produce. But it’s really hard when your love for someone causes you to have to be away from them.” (Noah Belveal)
“I have a history of depression. It’s something I dealt with a lot when I was younger. And because of that, we wanted to make sure that if I did slip into post-partum depression, and not just the baby blues, that I had the care that I needed.” (Kristen Belveal)

In part two of this two-part mini-series, Noah and Kristen discuss the peaks and valleys of their first 13 months since Judah’s birth and resources that have helped them as they began their parenting journey during the post-partum period. Topics include going back to work, mental health, working through sleep troubles, trying to approach parenting as a team, maintaining their identities outside of being parents through hobbies (like writing and Dungeons & Dragons), and more! Listen to episode one to hear their story from Judah’s conception to his birth!

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode*

Paired: Couples & Relationship (An app with daily conversation starters to help couples strengthen their relationships)

YouVersion Bible App (A Bible-reading app that includes reading plans with themes around the post-partum period, parenthood, and other topics)

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*Being the Belveals is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the brands, apps, or resources discussed in this episode.

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