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Episode 9: Battle Belveals – Monster Roulette With Scipio

Episode Details

Season 2, Episode 9

Original Air Date: January 17, 2023

It’s time for a Battle Belveals episode! In these episodes of the podcast, Noah and Kristen will be recording a session of them playing a board game, video game, or role-playing game (RPG). If you have a game you'd like the Belveals to play or if you'd like to game with them, direct message them on Instagram or send an email.

Today's Game: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (DND 5E)

Noah's Character:

  • Name: Scipio

  • Race: High Elf

  • Level/Class #1: Level 12 Rogue (Inquisitive)

  • Level/Class #2: Level 3 Fighter (Champion)

  • Fun Fact: Scipio is from an influential/wealthy family, and he has two classes/levels because he multi-classed.

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Join co-hosts Noah and Kristen Belveal, a husband and wife duo, for a Christian podcast where they talk about — and play — games of all kinds through the lens of faith and family. The Belveal family resides in Dallas, Texas, with their son Judah.

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