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Episode 3: A Conversation About Dating

Episode Details

Season 1, Episode 3

Original Air Date: December 5, 2022

“Aside from just figuring out ‘Is he the right person?’ I also needed to do the work to figure out ‘am I acting like I’m the right person?’” (Kristen Belveal)
“Money was a major insecurity for me, and it was something that I knew was potentially a barrier to our relationship working at all.” (Noah Belveal)

Tune in to the third episode of Being the Belveals for an inside look at Noah and Kristen's dating story and their thoughts on what it can look like to date well as a Christian. Topics include rejection, ghosting, attraction, self-improvement, therapy, prioritizing your preferences, how physical affection can affect your judgment, premarital counselling, and more!

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Join co-hosts Noah and Kristen Belveal, a husband and wife duo, for a Christian podcast where they talk about — and play — games of all kinds through the lens of faith and family. The Belveal family resides in Dallas, Texas, with their son Judah.

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